History - Greater Milwaukee Chapter

Our History

On February 13, 1961 Chapter 053 was chartered. Interestingly, two physical charters are within our archives of documents, both are dated February 13, 1961. Both are signed by our then American Society for Industrial Security President John Buckley and Secretary/Treasurer George Higgins. One identifies the Chapter by name as “Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter” and the other as “Greater Milwaukee Chapter”. Over the years the more generally accepted name has been Greater Milwaukee Chapter.

As a long time organization and chapter member, I am aware of the initiatives that many of our chapter leaders have taken on behalf of our local members and the profession. As I have had the opportunity to review a number of historical documents provided to me in recent months and reflect back on chapter activity personally known by me, I would like to highlight several areas which I believe have been strengths of our chapter. I have included examples of activities in support of these areas in this, the inaugural entry into the history section of our webpage.

Recognition and Advancement of the Profession

For years chapter leadership had taken the initiative to obtain recognition for our profession and our organization/chapter with the public and with public law enforcement through requesting formal recognition of private security and by acts of partnering. On such effort that was prevalent for years was obtaining designation, by proclamation of either “Private Security Week or “Private Security Month”.

Our chapter archives have the following signed Governor/Secretary of State Proclamations:

1972 Governor, Patrick Lucey
1980 Governor, Lee Dreyfus, Secretary of State, Vel Phillips
1982 Governor, Lee Dreyfus, Secretary of State, Vel Phillips
1983 Governor, Anthony Earl, Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette
1984 Governor, Anthony Earl, Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette
1986 Governor, Anthony Earl, Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette
1991 Governor, Tommy Thompson, Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette
1992 Governor, Tommy Thompson, Secretary of State, Douglas LaFollette

Our records also contain 1984 Proclamations from Milwaukee Mayor Henry Maier and Milwaukee County Executive William O’Donnell!

It is my personal recollection that other years were also recognized in this manner, but these are the only original, signed years of proclamations in the archives. I do not recall why the process stopped. It could be that we felt we had to a large degree “arrived” and that both our profession and organization/chapter were well known enough. Perhaps we just lost some momentum!

Our history of hosting a law enforcement recognition dinner or luncheon (later called) public/private Partnership, is also an example. While we have struggled in recent years to get attendance up, a review of the records indicates that attendance of 170 and as high as 200 was the norm back in the 70’s.

Another example was the inclusion of several members as presenters in the Milwaukee Police Academy training. Ron Kuhar, CPP and Jon Paul, CPP represented the chapter and profession for several years presenting an introductory session to recruits about the private security profession.

Professional Development Opportunities for Members

Certainly, this is an area of particular highlight for the chapter. Most recently we have completed two successful collaborative programs with MM SHRM, last year on the Violence in the Workplace Prevention Standard and this year of Crisis Preparedness.

These efforts are an extension of our long standing history of bringing value to our local members through educational programs and strong and meaningful speakers at our lunch/dinner meeting. For years we conducted the “Tool Box” series and before that were in partnership with the UW Extension on a series of annual programs spanning a wide variety of security topics. I located a brochure for an all-day program entitled Workshop on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. It was dated April 23, 1969!

The archives are also rich with examples of quality presentations made at chapter dinner meetings as well. For example 1976 identified the following speakers presenting at our chapter meetings:

  • Wayne Hall, President Elect and Corporate Security Manger , Ford Motor Company

  • Richard Velde, Administrator for the Law Enforcement Assistance Association (LEAA)

  • E.J. “Cris” Criscuoli Jr., then Chairman of the Board and future Executive Director

  • Art Kingsbury PhD, renowned security researcher and author

  • Inspector Plouffe, Chief of Operations, 1976 Olympic Security Committee

Participation and Volunteer Leadership

A third area that our chapter has excelled and impacted both the Society and profession is through active participation of members outside of the chapter. For example we have had chapter members who have served in the following capacities, past and present:

  • ARVP

  • RVP

  • Professional Certification Board

  • President, Professional Certification Board

  • Standing Committees and Councils

  • Foundation Board of Directors

  • Foundation Board of Director President

  • Board of Directors

  • President of the Society

While formal records were not maintained we have had a long and proud history of sending many members to the annual seminar. We have often had 10% and more of our total membership attending.

In Closing

As I continue to review and organize the materials made available to me I will update this page. For now I wanted to provide some of the information that may have been forgotten by some or completely unknown by others.

I welcome members who have information and recollections beyond mine and the data I have to contact me so that it may be included in future updates.

For all, I hope this snapshot has provided either some valuable memories or some insights that help you to better understand the quality of the chapter and its prior leaders.

Mike Cummings, CPP
Greater Milwaukee Chapter Historian